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What are Model Brows?

The latest trend in brow artistry and the UK's fastest growing client request!

Model Brows Advanced Lamination Technique is the latest trend in brow styling and the most requested brow look in salons across the country. Brushed up, naturally beautiful brows are in every fashion magazine, worn by influencers and sported by celebrities all over the world. Our technique transforms every brow into a Model Brow. Model Brows Advanced Lamination Technique is the most luxurious eyebrow lamination treatment which offers the big six coveted styles designed to suit everyone.

Model Brows Advanced Lamination Technique begins with a shaping by waxing, threading & tweezing, tinting then brow lamination sets the brows for up to 8 weeks. It is suitable for clients aged 16 and over. 

Why Become Accredited?

Model brows is a treatment combining traditional, waxing, tinting and threading along with brow lamination. It is sweeping social media and already gaining a cult following,  For the past twelve months our directors Poppy and Holly have been working behind the scenes to deliver an unrivalled brow lamination course and ongoing support for our Model Brow Artists

Model Brows Artists are fearless industry leaders with a passion for their craft. We support all our learners from the moment they enter begin their training in brow artistry and brow lamination and throughout their career, providing ongoing support and advice to ensure our artists feel confident, encouraged and recognised. Our high standards of brow courses and support contribute to our good reputation, because your success is our success. We are proud of you! 

How Does Brow Lamination Work?

Brow lamination is process which involves applying chemicals to break down the disulphide bonds in the hair, thus allowing the keratin molecules in the hair to move freely. This means you can then style the brow using one of our model brow looks and use another chemical to then set the brow in the new position. Brow lamination lasts between 6-8 weeks dependant upon shedding and growth of the client.



If you are already an accredited Model Brows Artist, you can apply to walk our catwalk of success. If we love your work and you have the passion and drive needed to become a model brows creative director we want you! You will be offered a unique career development pathway designed specifically for you. Click below to find out more!

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