Meet Poppy & Holly, for the past twelve months they have been working to put together a brand, product and training programme that they are truly proud of, and now invite you all to join the model brow movement!

Model brow team

Poppy Ellis

Poppy Ellis - Model Brows Lead Educator

Co-Founder & Education Director

Poppy was a primary school teacher, but her brow obsession got the better of her and two years ago she decided to take the plunge and become a fully immersed brow artist. She has built a cult following of dedicated clients because of her, textured, combed up, bold, beautiful but natural brow style. She was selected to work at the MTV Europe Awards as a brow artist last year and more recently opened her own salon Hun Hut in Manchester.

Holly Smethurst

Holly Smethurst - Model Brows Marketing Director

Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Holly's has her own business development agency that specialises in the field of cosmetic dentistry, which she has been in for the past 15+ years

Her passion for the beauty industry has seen her deviate from teeth to brows and her role within Model Brows is to give brow technicians the tools, skills and confidence they need to effectively market themselves in an increasingly competitive field.

Robyn Wilson

Robyn Wilson - Model Brows Photographer & Marketing Assistant

Social Media Manager

Robyn studied fashion communications at Liverpool University and has been working with fashion labels since graduating.  Robyn shot all of our look book images and  is responsible for what you see on our social pages. She is available  for our Model Brows artists for advice on how to produce engaging content for their social media or photography tips etc, just think of her as your off site social media coach!

Jessica Sims

Jessica Sims - Model Brows Head of Content

Administrative Manager

Jess is responsible for course bookings, product distribution and general admin for the Model Brows Team.

She is super organised and makes sure that model brows movement stays on track!

Jess is on hand to answer any questions you may have about our courses or kits.